Tracy Teves – News Reporter with MooseFM /

I love how life is like riding a roller coaster blindfolded. There are ups and downs, twists and turns yet you never really know when they are coming and you appreciate the thrills in the moment.

This would sum up my entire life yet instead of clutching the security bar I feel in my growth I am taking the unexpected turns with a smile on my face and relaxed as I know I will be fine.

As of recent the ride has taken me to a new destination and standing at the metaphorical gates of this new amusement park of life I was given a very special ride pass.

I was granted a once in a life time opportunity, the winning ticket of sorts, the front of the line pass that has fast tracked my learning and involvement in the community and now I feel it is time I can share officially my news.

Broadcasting and Journalism were in my nature from a young age, I was naturally curious and probably asked why way too much. By the time I was in High school I had the opportunity to be the school’s sole News Anchor person reporting the daily news being broadcasted across the entire school, using my voice to share. I still have my VHS tape with my demos as my intention was to go to BCIT to become a Broadcaster yet that was not meant to be, at least not at that time.

I am a firm believer in timing and I understand I needed to live my life as I did to shape me as I am to be this person of integrity, character and deep compassion.

After returning to Northern BC a series of incredible events would align and I am here to share what incredible fortune I would have as I spoke with all of my heart when I shared why I returned.

I would make the decision to attend an event that was like a reunion of sorts and from there I would later recognize this as a turning point as I was asked to go on a local show that again turned the direction of my fate.

I took a pretty significant jump, I would give my marketing materials and resume to Moose FM in hopes we could collaborate at some point and what would come from this I could never have foretold.

I have been working full time at the station now for the past two months, I am a News Reporter and my reports are published on, sometimes are then shared with MooseFM and are read live over the radio. One day I hope to read my own work yet I am still so very grateful for the opportunity and trust the community has shown me.

My writing efforts have increased substantially and I have learned so much and have met so many people. I have been allowed to write about real people’s stories. To listen and to validate people. This has fed my spirit in overwhelming ways as I continue to push myself outside of my comfort zone, everyday is new learning and life.

I have also been given the gift of using my own voice. Over the years Betty has saved me and been a bit of the character I was not ready to see I already was. Betty got me to this point yet I have proven to myself it is ok to be me and I appreciate showing up as myself and being embraced for who I truly am.

I look forward to what the future has in store, the opportunities that open and of course you, the people and your stories. Thank you for coming along with me, thank you for believing in me and most of all thank you for trusting me.