Colouring the Crown of Glory..

Product review: Nice and Easy Colour foam

As I have a background in hair design I know hair colouring is one of the best money making services for a salon as the service is based exactly that, the stylist’s ability to apply product and the product (hair colour) not being costly in itself..

I am at a point where I am colouring my hair every two weeks, to go to a salon would be costly and I am not willing to put that money into my hair when I am only seen in public on average 4 times a month. So I made the choice to do this for myself, with my daughter Hudson’s help I am successfully able to maintain the illusion of my jet black hair.

I am naturally a level 06 dark blonde with slight ash.

Up to this point I settled with the colour line GOSH, purchased at Shopper’s Drug Mart. I have a fair amount of white in my front hair line due to Vitiligo a condition where the skin is absent of pigment.  These white areas are where I have a widows peak and this is the first place my re-growth becomes obvious.. My white hair seems to have become more and more resistant to colour no matter how long I let it process for..

GOSH is a gel colour that seems to last a 2 week period in my hair.

Recently a new trend in the world of home hair colouring has arrived in stores.. I guess the angle is to make hair colouring for the modern woman easier and now mess free.. I know better and that anything shown on commercials is not really as it seems..

Although I am very partial to the traditional gel type colouring systems I knew I needed to try the foam so I fully understood what it was before my choice between gel or foam was possibly taken from me..

I will be honest I was not sold at first, I know from my education as a stylist that unless you part your hair in a traditional 4 part section, dropping down quarter inch slices you cannot be sure to get even coverage.

That is why I chose Nice and Easy Colour foam by Clarol, it was on sale and not going to be a dent to my pocket book. I had to read the instructions to mix the product and they made the application process seem as easy as 123.. Simply pump the foam into your hand, apply to head and make a shampooing massage.. Ummm yeah..

My gut told me to not be so relaxed and carefree and so I did do minor parts to my hair.. As I applied the foam it was evident that combing my hair with the foam was not going to be possible as it would be with gel… I tried to do as much of the front as I could then recruited Hudson to finish the back..

I had the usual colour on my face and neck and noticed when cleaning the counters of the bathroom the foam left little black spots and if my bathroom was fancier than ours I am sure I would be ticked off with the clean up..

The real test of the foam for me would be coverage and how well it was removed from my skin.. After my shower I did have splotches in my hairline yet my eyebrows cleaned up nicely..

I would not recommend this product to change to a new colour.. I would use this product again because I am re-touching my re-growth and because of the level I am using.

When re-touching it is very important just to do the strip of re-growth because every time you over lap the colour you are causing banding. Since I am depositing to the darkest colour 01 you cannot see this and that is why I am ok using the foam once in awhile because the only mistakes you will notice is in my re-growth. I am sure I have missed patches, that are being camouflaged.

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