Stick or Stain..?!

Stick or Stain, a little goes a long way..


As much as I can be a girly girl I am not a fan of constantly touching up my make up.. Maybe I don’t want to be toooo narcissistic or simply not tied to a mirror, once I apply my make up, it better be there to stay as long as I need it..

Lip stick has always appeared to me as being very high maintenance as much as I swoon at the mental imagery of a woman looking into her pocket mirror and re-applying her lippy.. It’s not my style.. My luck is that if I am not constantly monitoring my mouth lip stick has a way of ending up here there and everywhere.. That led to me simply not being a fan.. I would be insecure with looks because I always had at the back of my mind.. Where is the lippy now..?

I tell you the heavens opened and shined down on me the day lip stain was introduced to the market.. It has come along way since the first days yet it is my go to when I am requiring a strong red lip because I know the staying power of the stain will last..

I am a fan of the Cover Girl brand as it seems to be the only one I have tried that truly does not wipe away after eating.. As reds are very dramatic I find it hard also to keep the colour on my lips and not bleeding..

It is very handy to apply once and occasionally use the top coat to condition your lips if needed yet be free of the constant touch ups lip stick requires.. As for the colours I like I try to apply the desired colour to the fatty area below my thumb to see how the red looks on my skin colour and go from there..

Allot of times it is trial and error yet when I find the one that works I am known for purchasing in multiples’ regardless if it is clothing or make up..

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