The Illusion of Self Tanner..

Product Review; Yves Rocher Express Body Mist

One of things about being a farm girl in my daily life and working around horses is that I am in full pants and boots. This means during the better weather my upper body will receive more colour than my legs..

I am naturally very fair and because of this my legs can be ghost white.. I am too far out of town and with my limited trips, tanning beds are not in the picture.. Nor is trying to sit in the sun with shorts on because I have allot to do..

So the next best thing is self-tanner.. I am not looking to be chocolate brown yet I do desire to cut the white of my legs so it does not look like I am wearing white tights in the summer.. As I have seams and bows on the backs of my legs the look is more appealing when I have a little golden kiss..

I buy the majority of my skin care products from Yves Rocher.. After being given a bottle of self tanner I found applying it to be messy by hand.. I felt there must be something better out there and I discovered a spray bottle style tanner through Yves Rocher.

I jumped on board and purchased it.. The instructions for application are simple.. Ex foliate your skin, spray on tanner and wait 1 hour for colour. The tanner smells nice and actually gives that right amount of colour and does not leave you orange.

I appreciate the spray bottle as it is more forgiving if you apply the product un-evenly and the colour does last a couple of days so I am not a slave to applying the tanner.. I usually will start applying 2 days before I know I am going to town.. ♥

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