To lash or not to lash..?!

To lash or not to lash, that’s the question..


I think one of the most defining looks of a Pin Up girl is the strong yet simple liner and thick lash on the eye.. This look is tweaked and personalised by each wearer, as many kustom ways to wear a lash line and lashes this look sets up the big doe eye of the Pin up girl. Accompanied by a red lip this is the fresh face, the simple yet elegant beauty that I adore of Pin Up.. ❤

When I started dressing in the Pin up style I found that doing lashes was tricky for me.. I was keenly aware that in order to get a really strong top line of liner on my lid and pronounce that with a heavy lash line would only be accommodated by the use of false lashes.. Even with my naturally thick lash no matter how much mascara I apply I was not achieving the look I wanted..

I perceive the make up look of the Pin Up girl to be quite simple yet the drama comes from the eye.. With out the false lash when I apply my make up you can see the difference between a girl wearing a retro dress and the desired Pin Up girl..

So in came the old adage “practice makes perfect” and I am still working on it..

Before I purchased my first set of lashes I did a bit of on-line research to reassure me of my new adventure.. I had never tried lashes at any other point of time simply for fun.. I had allot of questions and allot did not really apply to a false lash at the end of the day, possibly I was just making excuses..

Tips that I found to be extremely important would be to first do your make up.. The second was to make sure when you have applied the glue to the false eye lash to allow it to dry a little before apply the lash to your lid..

What I have noticed like doing my hair, one side cooperates more than the other. I also need to give myself a little time so I am not anxious and glue my lids closed which I have also done..

I can see a difference in the quality of photo’s when I am wearing lashes and I feel more committed to my look when I am lashed up.. As most false lashes are re-usable and come in different price points and styles they are a part of your look I think you cannot afford to be with out..

There is something to be said for the moment you apply the second set of lashes and you step back and admire what you now look like.. I LOVE my lashes.. ❤

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