Music and Pony time..

  • Music and Pony time..

    Hudson reloaded my ipod and so I headed outside with a new playlist and it hit me as I stood in the middle of the yard jumping, singing and dancing why oh why has it taken me so long to tune back in..

    I love music.. Singing and dancing are as important to me as food and nourishment.. Specially when I am in the car I am the obnoxious person with the loud music..

    Even as a child I knew all the words to all songs, I loved moving, making actions and choreographing routines to dance to songs.. When there were no horses in my life there was music and when I needed to get places and solely relied on my legs to get me around, it was music that kept me going..

    I used to have a yellow water proof SONY cassette player, with not allot of cassettes I would take stuff off the radio yet my most prized tapes were sinead o’conner and Manhattan Transfer..

    I often walked along allot of trails where I was not seen and would often have to stop in the middle of no where to have impromptu dance scenes as I imagined the world watching.. Yeah I was a rock star..

    Thinking of all of this reminds me now why Carlos has the imagination he does..

    Always awkward of myself music offered it’s lyrical hand to come and escape, to dream and move which unknowingly was keeping me in shape as were the many miles I clocked walking through Burnaby Mountain, to Lougheed Mall and eventually along the Galardi Hwy to get to and from B.H.A. (Burnaby Horseman’s Ass.)

    I am inspired by current music, I am open to all genres yet I always prefer Rap or anything that inspires controversy because of the lyric’s..  I love freedom of speech and that it is an artist’s right to interpret their stories through their own words and colours and I am glad that I have been able to share this with the kids because it has provided many a opportunity to talk..

    For a long time the only time I listened to music was in the car, when the kids were young it was hard to get lost in the music so to speak and yes I had the stereo on yet sometimes the additional sound energy in the house was too overwhelming to me..

    Once we moved up north Hudson received an ipod as a gift and I fell in love, the kids older, I could afford to plug in to the music and out of the world.. I often would borrow this little device of freedom from her. The marrying of poo picking and listening to music became the perfect pairing and was my way of meditation..

    The greatest gift is being free to lose your inhabitation’s with out the use of drugs and alcohol to achieve this feeling.. To openly dance in nature, in a large field.. The though although a very prized reality for me brings me to tears..

    I used to listen to music allot in the winter when the horses did not have the barn..  I realized the energy I would give off was appealing to the Spirit, that or I was a major source of entertainment as I sang and bounced about..

    Once the barn came Hudson and I were often cleaning at the same time so we would be open so we could talk as we cleaned which is equally as nice.. A good bonding time yet there is something about taking care of yourself so you can be better for the others around you..

    Listening to music around horses with head phones on is a lesson in trust for me as I cannot hear what is going on and if I turn my back I have to know that the horses will respect my space..

    With Tadpole coming into the herd there has been some awkward adjustment and allot of ruffled feathers and I have been trying to watch myself around Tadpole as I think he is insecure and reminds me of Flash in some ways..

    So with out hesitation in went the music and immediately I stopped and danced, for the goats, for the chicken’s, for confused Murray and then I turn to see Shurman most curious as to my flailing..

    I cleaned, I danced and then I groomed Spirit..

    He knows when I listen to music, possibly because he hears me.. Hudson said to me over lunch once I came inside it was hard NOT to notice me as she had to close the kitchen window because she could not think over me.. lol

    I think Spirit see’s my colour change and my energy shift.. I share the music putting an ear bud to his nostril then go back to my choreographed grooming..

    I know for sure there is magic in the music for us all.. Once I was done and came back inside I looked out to the paddocks and all 4 horses were laying down.. A sign to me a job well done.

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