Pandora’s Box

It’s my hubby Louis Birthday today and I wanted to blog a little for him today. He is currently going through a one of a kind build of his VW Micro bus into a Rod. The bus is currently in Edmonton.  I wanted to write about my perspective and appreciation for what my husband has done in order to get where he is and is going in his build.

My husband is one of those guys that if you can dream it he will make it happen. If you cannot dream it for yourself, he will help make it happen for you too.  He is a guy that gets things done and I look forward to the future when his dream is finally realized.

I would soon understand the volume of this passion when we were dating and I was first introduced to his yard.  It would take me a few years to appreciate what I was looking at exactly.  Before me as far as my eye could see was his collection of VW bits and bobs. From stripped body shells stacked upon one another, to rows of engine blocks, window and windshield glass, you name it he had it.  As the condition and deterioration of the metal and some sat in shades of orange, I could not see through the rust what he obviously was.

Once meeting Louis friends, I learned he was not alone and there were others that prized his collection as much as he. I also put two and two together that Louis collection was unlike any others as he was admired for the rare pieces and the volume of items he had. When I would talk to my friends I would suggest that we could not appreciate the enormity of his collection and passion as we did not participate in it. I would try to compare it somehow to my love of horses and I could never really get there.

I think we all have hobbies, interests and passions yet there is something to be said for the car guy. Love and appreciation is what I learned Louis possessed, that he could look at a stripped vehicle in the bush and see it for what it was.  More importantly what it could be.

I know my husband had a vision for every vehicle he ever owned yet one stood apart from the rest.  His 1966 VW Micro Bus Deluxe purchased complete and running.  With in 3 days of originally purchasing her, he had taken her apart with his dream guiding the way.

A few years ago we relocated across the Province for work, this meant Louis had to let go of all his VW collection.  By letting go of it all to get here refocused Louis and I have seen a new drive and determination to attain this goal.

The bus is currently in Edmonton at LG Kustoms and her name is Pandora’s Box.  To include me in the process Louis let me name her. It seemed a most fitting name as I know when she is finished she will be unlike any other. When you open her up you cannot imagine what you will find.

Allot of time and attention to detail is being taken during this build to bring her to her own level.  Over the years of planning and research we have not seen another build exactly like Pandora.

I am not sure I can do Pandora justice in my description of her as it is all simply over my head. I can tell you my appreciation and fascination by the intricacy and attention to details one may take for granted.

It has been a journey to get here and I look forward to her completion.  Recently Louis made a selfless decision that would make my dreams come true.  He was building an auto shop and ½ way through the build turned it into a horse barn for my horses.

I know I have given him a hard time over the years about Pandora, the other woman.

It is exciting to see his dreams being achieved. I have learned allot about things I never thought I would and the most important are of the character and passion one person can be made of.

I look forward to the day she is finally complete, it will take my breath away I am sure to see the smile on his face as all the small milestones up to this point already have.

Pandora is being built to show quality as in a Riddler Award contender. Pandora will spend her first years primarily as a trailer Queen being hauled to as many shows as we can log in road miles..
She is worth checking out..

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