Big things come in small packages..


(Early Spring, Buckwheat on Left, Tadpole on Right)

When Tadpole was backed off the trailer Hudson and I looked at each other and shared a common though.. Is this the “mini” we just bought..?

There was a familiarity about him as Hudson led him to the paddock and I loved what would soon reveal itself about him to me..

We never judge a horse by it’s initial entrance into the herd and we reserved our thoughts of Tadpole until he was with us for a good week so we knew he had a chance to settle a bit in his new surroundings and be more of himself around the horses..

Tadpole is 3 years old and he had never had a NEW home and I believe he left his mother when he came here.. He was in a herd with other young studs and was probably in a field with not much daily handling by humans..

Coming here would have been a big change for him as he was put into a paddock, a smaller confined space than he would have been used to.. Although we try to offer constant access to hay for the horses, he would have to rely on us to bring his hay to him rather than feeding only off a round bale when ever he chose..

We also are in contact with our horses physically and in presence multiple times a day.. In the spring and summer we want to provide turn out to the field by walking the horses out of their paddocks yet sometimes weather can play apart in this and so Tadpole also had to learn we don’t always get to go out and play..

At first Tadpole seemed to be a bit of a grump.. He was possessive of his space.. Wanted to show up as the big man, ears back and snaky head.. I found his behaviour reminded me of Hudson’s old pony Flash..

As time went on and the weather went to the birds we ended up having to play musical ponies and paddocks.. The paddock that Tadpole was in was so heavily saturated by the rain that we had to block it off and he was on stall arrest.. During this time I started to see a change in him as we would take Tadpole from that stall during the day and either put him in the goat pen or turn out in the field..

I soon noticed another energy familiar to us presented and that was of Khayla our arab mare we had.. There is allot of back story with Khayla yet a quick composition of her time with us is that simply I did not have confidence in my self or my abilities around a young fresh horse and because I was insecure I put that on her too. I could not make the connection as to why I had the problems and feelings I did with her and in the end we sold her because I let fear take over and make my decisions about her..

I soon made a connection with Tadpole.. When he went out with the horses he got puffed up and I would see Spirit constantly working him as he was cheeky and full of himself yet when he was taken away from the herd and put in his stall he was jumpy and timid and made me feel like he was in fact insecure..

Before I made this connection to Tadpole I was thinking what had I gotten myself into with him.. I thought I was doing right by the herd and specially for Buckwheat so that there would be a companion once Hudson and I started road riding again..

Yet once I made the connection I felt the universe was giving me a second opportunity and this time not to doubt myself..  I have come a long road since my time with Khayla.. Spirit has taught me allot and I have faced and over come allot of fear since she was with us..

The Dentist being my #1..

So now when I go outside and I see Tadpole I don’t look at him the same way any more.. He is like me, there is a familiarity in him like he is three horses in one.. As himself and he brings back to us Flash and Khayla just like I am more than one character in my life..

Funny thing now too is the level of worry on both sides seems to have subsided..


Since the time the first part of this blog was written much has changed around the farm with Tadpole. We have all settled around him as he has settled with us.  Long are his days of trying to show us whom is the boss and he understands now what is expected of him.
He now has his own paddock and lives beside Buckwheat, winter is soon approaching so a shelter will be built before snow returns.  The boys have been keenly interested in the ponies again now that there are two and no one has to share.

Tadpole really does have a soft eye and a big heart.

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