Coming up on 100 FB Likes

Hey Kids..

Since starting this page and watching the news feed and other Doll’s pages the one common is having exposure so people see you and attaining “likes”

The like, comes from the physical participation of the viewer, by waving their cursor and clicking is a declaration of sorts.. It says that someone somewhere is digging something you have done.. The digital handshake or pat on the back..? Membership to a club or is it done blindly and easily..

I often wonder why a person decides to like my page.. I am very curious and usually about stuff most miss.. I really like “intention” and what drives a person to react..

I am very much Boss Mare Betty, my persona is my truest self with my volume turned up.. I used to think before that it was Betty that gave me an avenue and the confidence to do things I may not have other wise done yet I have realized she is me and I am of course her..

Just as this page is an extension of me and enables me to show my likes and interests in a visual way.. Like a cyber scrapbook I take pride and pleasure scoping out eye candy to bring back to my treasured page and for this I have been rewarded with likes..

I started this page originally to clear of the inundation of Pin Up imagery and the sorts I would post on my personal FB..  There are many sides to me and Pin Up and Tattoo culture is indeed one of my many YET it was consuming more of my FB than the other sides so it was time to allow this energy to grow and manifest on it’s own..

The growth of this page shows me that anything is achievable..

I no longer see myself  as just a wife and mum of three.. My daughter does not just take my photo’s, she has grown in her own ability to see through the lens and capture amazing moments.. I don’t just do my own hair and make up, I am making visualizations in my head come to life through my artistic interpretation of myself..

I am not just a gurl,, I am that gurl that likes cute things and is proud of it..

For this I am so great full to all of you that have found your way to this page.. My little milk crate in the corner that gives me a platform to speak about me..

For every like it is a milestone for me.. I take the time to look at who you are (as much as your privacy settings will allow)  If you come as a page I also like to see you, appreciate you and often share you..

I am at 80 likes, which is beyond crazy in my mind.. I was happy at 8 and get the best feeling every time I see that number grow..

So I decided it was time to share my love of you all and blog this note for you.. Simply because I feel compelled to make this page fabulous even more so because of you.. It is important that your time in my house is a good time..

I have learned in this journey that this page is no longer just me, it includes all of you..

So here I stand a few likes from 100.. I have not sought out, asked for or campaigned likes.. I feel that you all are here organically.  Since the beginning of this page 100 seemed the “Official” number of likes that put you on the map and because of you I already feel like I am on it..

Much love and gratitude



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