The Etiquette Guide to FB Page Liking and Sharing

The Etiquette Guide to FB Page Liking and Sharing..

Seems these days like Etiquette is a dying art in many facet’s of life and in the world of cyber space are we any better.. Chivalry seems to have seen it’s day and when we are on FB so many assume to browse or comment on a page with out the respect of a “Like” or a reciprocating Share.

Why do we go on FB and spend hours primping our pages, choreographing our photo’s writing enticing bits of bloggery for someone to come and see yet not offer support in the way of a like in appreciation of what they just participated in..

Do we not see the people behind the pages, is it too easy..?

I personally never look through a page unless I “Like” it first.. As a page owner the Like is a gesture to me that acknowledges you stopped by and appreciated what you saw.. Liking is also permission or a theoretical Knock at the Door, can I come in and take a look.

I respect it takes time and energy for someone to build and network their page..

I am yet to be at a point with my page that I receive much feedback, I am conservative in size right now yet I know I will always appreciate my Likes and consider them as I build and grow my page..

I think it is natural to want to be recognised for a job well done or a pat on the back or a hand shake welcoming you into a club.. There is so much to be seen and found on the internet it is also nice to Share what you discover..

Sharing is another way to recognise your likes.. I have discovered when going through my likes as Boss Mare Betty FB does not always give me notifications yet I do know when I share, this does for sure..

Any ways.. It is always wonderful to know someone might be interested in your voice or perspective on a topic that is common.. Reciprocation in the land of social media is how we can gauge where we are..

Much love and respect to all the pages I participate on and like as well as gratitude to all my likes and sharer’s because the truth at the end of the day is that we need people to like and share us so we can be seen by the people that would enjoy or even benefit from our pages..

*As of recently I have started to have pictures posted directly on my page and for that I shall return the favour on yours* xxoo

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