We CAN Do it..!

Anything in your life is possible and achievable, one must be simply motivated enough to make it happen..

In this world of technology and social networking if you can imagine it you can be it.. What a gift to be able to design your image on-line and promote yourself on many different platforms..

Technology has made it easy for us to link to others with the same interests allowing us to get further into the exposure we might desire.. I have found my niche and am constantly inspired by the connections I have made and the new things I am learning..

As realistic in my character, I am also empowered to know anything I can dream up is possible and I am making them happen.. Even living in this crazy oil town I know I can now make a mark with Betty and get some exposure to the Retro and Tattoo community that I am so fond of..

You know when you love something you are so proud and want to share with others.. Since where I am there is such a small percentage of people like me I have had to turn to the social networking to get connected..

I am not sure where I fit, in fact I have never really “fit” anywhere which is also fine by me.. I will keep doing my thing.. Making things happen and inspiring my kids..

This is my cheer to all the ladies that are out there, whether you are aspiring to be a model or a blogger or what ever you want to be in life.. You can..!

I look back at allot of the decisions I have made to get me to a point in my life and the most life changing one and the ones that have helped us get closer to dreams are the ones I took risk and chances on..

Let fear be a motivation to let go and jump both feet in.. All that ever will happen from over coming fear is greatness with in yourself.. You will be stronger, more confident and see what lies ahead with clearer vision..

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