A Show n Shine filled Summer..

A Show n Shine filled Summer..!

There is nothing better than a Show n Shine on a nice summer day. As we used to live on Vancouver Island, Show n Shines were a great chance to get out and see come Classic cars and styling.  We were spoiled to have the luxury of seeing several shows through out the summer months with large turn outs and varying types of vehicles.  The car culture is really up our alley as my husband is currently undergoing a rod build of his own.

Since moving up North and my husband’s new work schedule, getting to the local shows has not always worked in our favour. This summer is surely going to be one to remember. With great timing we were able to view the 2 Show n Shines available to us.

We as a family were super excited for the first event, our local Show n Shine.  There were about 30 entries. It happened to be the same day as Canada Day and as we arrived the Parade started and the entry vehicles started to roll out and pass us as they were the start the day’s events.

Compared to what we are used to seeing there were not as many entries, yet they still provided for a couple of photo opportunities and a quick fix of shiny chrome and gorgeous paint jobs.

This little Show n Shine in Fort Saint John was the chance for the kids to bond and appreciate with Dad the details he was pointing out to them.  With my husband’s rod build being executed to the standard it is, we all agreed that if his Bus was to be entered as an undergoing project it would have garnered allot of attention as it is really one of a kind.

I chose to wear my PUG Netti -Green and White Polka Dot with my Black and White Kiss Lock Lux de Ville with black accents and boy did I stand out in that crowd.. >.< Ooops, not.. 😉 I started in my wedges and quickly swapped out to my flip flops, good planning I brought them along.

The following weekend in the next town south of Fort Saint John is Dawson Creek, British Columbia.  It is known as Mile 0 marker on the start of the Alaska Hwy.

This is known as the largest Show n Shine in Northern B.C. hosted by the Mile 0 Cruisers Car Club and we were looking forward to a good turn out. As we drove to DC we were eager what we would see and really hoped for a better turn out than FSJ.

Once we parked and passed the barricades blocking of the main streets of town we were really impressed with the turn out of vehicles and the diversity of the makes and models. We even noticed a booth set up by So-Cal Speed shop..!

Cars had come from all over British Columbia and Alberta ( these are 2 neighbouring Provinces in Canada) The streets were lined on either side beautifully with cars and trucks parked on angles as the audience was able to walk down the center of main street admiring the collections.

For this show I wore my PUG Heidi –  Cherry Print with my green sparkle Sin City Motor Tote Lux de Ville and opted straight for my flip flops. Which was an asset as the temps rose to above 30 degrees and it was hot.

A local Rockabilly band the Dodge City Rockets were playing their tunes which really gave the show an awesome ambience as you could hear the band where ever you were.

From all the 300 + vehicles entered we only saw 2 VW’s entered, a square back and a bus.  There were undergoing projects on trailers and again this rose anticipation in my husband for his bus, maybe she will be ready for a little show or two next year.

These two events made for good summer memories and we look forward to the future when we will be entering our own vehicle into this shows as well as having the opportunity to travel and see other places as others get to see us.

Surprisingly a third event came to light while cruising FB. There was to be a Rockabilly Rumble Event in Hythe AB.  My husband and I planned to attend alone for our Anniversary.  I decided to go in my PUG Heidi – Mint Green and Black with my Femme Fatal Lux de Ville.  I planned on wedges and quickly put on flip flops when the location of the rumble was in a field.

We arrived and we were not sure what was what. We had a look at the couple of cars entered in the show n shine and then headed into the venue to watch the cars at the track as my hubby knew one of the drivers.

The smell from the food vendor Motley Que persuaded us in through the gates.

There were a couple of vendors set up so we headed to where they were. First we had a good catch up chat with Elaina Tuttle and Andrew Triebel of The Buzz Bin out of Dawson Creek.  The most recognizable shop in the North, they produce quality work and are seen regularly show casing their work at the Tattoo Conventions such as the up coming Alberta Bound Productions “Calgary Convention” held in the BMO center.

Next to them was Al Gervais Photography from Grande Prairie AB whom specializes in fabulously lit portrait styled photos of very polished and the like vehicles.

A good opportunity was had talking to both these vendors.

Unfortunately we were unclear of the lay out of the day so we left almost as soon as we arrived.  I would later find out that later into the evening 2 bands had played, The Dodge City Rockets whom I was really wanting to see perform again and Six Inch Lift .  There was also a fire performance by the Circus of Hell and the Sisu Belly dancer.

Thanks to Al Gervais Photography I was able to check out what I had missed online.

This day was not a loss for us as we ended up at Stuie’s Diner having some Beautiful pie.

FB Pages to the Vendors and Entertainers that I look forward to seeing again..!

Mile 0 Cruisers



Dodge City Rockets


The Buzz Bin


Andrew Triebel


Al Gervais Photography


Motley Que


Six Inch Lift


Circus of Hell


Sisu Belly Dancer


Stuie’s Diner


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