In August I am celebrating my Ten Year Wedding Anniversary to my Hubby.

We have had a great adventure and have genuinely appreciated each other over these years. We support each others interests and allow each other the respect of one’s space needed to grow and evolve into the people we are today.

I do owe him a great deal of credit putting up with me.

Not being a conventional person in my thinking and in so many other ways. It took a brave soul with allot of his own character to be able to be with me. With his ability to adapt to my quirks with out resistance and offering options to buffer myself from my own demise at times I swear he can be nothing short of an angel.

To be connected to someone for any period of time complete heart and soul is momentous and should be celebrated and for me this anniversary makes me proud.

In my Husband’s very intuitive way he came up with an amazing token to commemorate this time together. This gift will encompass allot that we live and breathe and I am eager to build and share new memories that will involve our children and give them a greater appreciation of our common love.

Betsy will be my FIRST Classic Car. In fact she is really my FIRST car. I was a late learner to driving and have not owned my own vehicle. She will be my summer ride to run my errands and learn about another passion from a “hands on” perspective.

Betsy is the ride I have longed for, for sometime.

In perfect Mum styling Betsy is a 1954 Chevy Two-Ten Handyman Station Wagon.

She is currently in her old patina paint and sitting on 4 new white wall tires. The plan is to get her road safe and switch out her transmission so I can drive her this summer.

Depending on my creative mind and my ability to make things come together I want to re-upholster her seats to a leopard print fabric. I believe I will take on the task of re-doing her door panels and any other task that I feel can be accomplished in a safe manor.

My intention is not to restore her to stock. I would like to paint her lower half flat back and her top white. I would like to lower her and clean up her shiny bits as best as I can.

I want to cruise.

I am very excited..!


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