The Secretary by Dixiefried..

The Dixiefried Secretary Dress in Navy


The second dress I purchased to build my Pin Up dress collection was the Dixiefried Paris dress in Black which I bought through the mail and sadly returned as it was too large on me.


At the time I was not sure my preference in dress styles.  I was not sure if I was going to prefer wiggle dresses or full skirts as I am particular.


I had tried on the Dixiefried Secretary in Pink with Black trim and decided to exchange the Paris for this Navy and White trim Secretary.


Although I have tried and tried I have never worn this dress for more than 5 minutes at any given time.  Seems the protocol I have set is quick put it on, take a couple of snaps and then complain at the pictures afterwards.


I simply do not have the confidence to wear this dress.


This is sad as it is a lovely dress by all accounts.  The fabric is a nice stretch Bengaline and the details make this dress very sharp and eye catchy.


Soon after purchasing this dress I started in on the Heidi’s and I guess my decision was made the big swing skirt with a crinoline was more appealing to me.


I do know I do get the same wonderful feeling as you draw the zipper up your back as you feel the sexy envelope you as you are transformed.


It’s a dress I can relate too in the sense it is a bit of a contradiction, looks smart and sophisticated yet pushes and moulds a sexy silhouette.


I will keep trying her on and one day I might get the nerve to wear her out, I have often said a corset under her would look fabulous, maybe that is what it will take.. xx



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