My consideration of my written word.

It’s always better with a cup of tea


I find myself sitting at the kitchen table just finishing teaching one boy contemplating if I do an early lunch or just get in a bit of writing before I go on to teach the other.


I don’t consider myself a writer I just enjoy putting my thoughts to words and writing in general. I am well aware my structure, grammar and paragraphs are off. I do not write in a style or address a topic like a seasoned professional and really this I am ok with.


I figure we are all in charge of ourselves, if you were to come by my posts and be bothered by my writing you have the choice to take it or leave it.


I do it because it has become a creative outlet that is assessable to me.

As a Mum of three it has offered me freedom to leave the here and now for a moment or two. To focus on something I feel needs to be addressed no matter how trivial and disconnected from our daily life.


I like to be able to come back later and re-read what I have composed some of these pieces of thought writing are like great works of music as they flow and urge emotion to join and dance with the notes or in this case the words.


Reflection is sometimes the key I need to unlock a puzzle I may have been muddling over.


I write these thoughts as small pieces of me as I evolve I shed skin and these words on paper become the skins I leave behind.

Sometimes my most secret inner most feelings I am unable to share through spoken words I can through writing and for this I am full of gratitude.


So in some ways you know the deepest darkest depths of me.


Looking up at the clock, I see it is time for lunch.


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