The ending of a connection..


It’s ok.. We can tell the truth.


The reality is that I am no more important to you than you are to me.


Time has danced on and with it we have parted ways, some because of physical distance and other because of the absence of common ground.


The truth be we are strangers, we can share old stories of a time that has past yet there is no knowing of this time, the time in between the there and the now.


I looked up to you for many years, I hold on as a way to honour what is left of that essence and that is all it is an essence of what was and really no longer is the same in any fashion.


The new evolution of me is frustrated and disappointed there is not that time anymore, yet I am equally to blame for the same as I choose not to connect either.


Thank you for that time and all that you were to me.


I would rather look back at that time and have memories full of love for you rather to continue like this and taint all of this with resent of what is no more.


You don’t know me and you don’t owe me.


I wish you well.



PS I did not write this to any particular person YET if you feel this resonates with you, then maybe it was meant for you.

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