I have a door to shut..

Small home, average sized family, cold climate 6 months of the year which means a lot of inside time and I decide to home school.

My boys are close in age, shared a room all their lives.  They got to a point where they were trying to devise ways of killing each other and I was soon going to do the job for the both of them, it was decided they needed to be separated.


Upheaval in the home, swap the layout to an unconventional arrangement to assure these two receive the dividing walls they longed for.


A 3 bedroom home, the eldest child is a girl so she takes the parents room.  The boys are split between the remaining two and the parents end up in the living room.


6 months of home schooling and the combined pressure and lack of general privacy I had to make the change back.


I had forgotten the magical lure of the door.  Although the simplest structure, it can offer a lot of power and control of your immediate environment.


The door is a major key to privacy and the ability to remove you.


Even still today, weeks after the change back I have much gratitude laying on the bed and gazing at the door.  The door has increased its value to me.  I finally have that momentary breath when I can shut it and leave it all on the other side.


The door became the vessel to relieve me, give me the 5 minutes I might need to re-fuel and head back into the game.


I would soon discover the power and pleasure in placing my hand around the cool knob of the door, tightening my grasp and I turn it while pushing the door into place behind me.


Another secret joy, is my NEW to me door has a lock, even better.. xx



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