Provocouture by Ashley Lett

Provocouture by Ashley Lett, Grande Prairie Alberta


Fashion provides us with such a powerful medium to express one’s self.  To be afforded the ability to access and own a custom creation that personifies your personality is a great gift.  Custom couture wear that is assessable can be a rare find.

If you subscribe to a current look or even a retro styling to look fabulous and live in a smaller town or city centre leads you to endless hours of on-line shopping or trying to create your own deal.  A lot of us girls can only dream of the opportunity to be quaffed and dressed in the finest and as of recent I have learned if you live in or near Grande Prairie, Alberta you’re in luck.

Provocouture is making a name for itself here in Alberta yet already came to town with owner Ashley Lett being front and center in the design/fashion scene in Toronto.  Ashley has rubbed shoulders with some of the finest and has had some of our well known Canadians come to her to be dressed in her fashions.


Provocouture’s web space states; Provocouture offers a wide selection of ready-made clothing and lingerie, custom made to measure Grad, Bridal and Special Occasion, as well as a wide variety of sewing services all of which are created in our in-house industrial manufacturing retail studio. As we use all Industrial equipment and have extensive design and manufacturing background we are able to quickly and efficiently deliver the highest quality products and services with the best customer service.

What an amazing opportunity to have her in our own backyard.


I myself found the “About” page on her website very informative about the path of her career.  As I am not sure I could write it better please take a look.  You will learn how her work ethic, amazing talent and grades during her education placed her in valuable and limited opportunities moving her from Edmonton to Toronto.
Since returning to Grande Prairie Ashley has her own shop fron in the heart of town.  Her range of creative wearable’s are breath taking, specializing in custom wears to ready wear.  I caught up in an article written about Ashley that she is still connected to her punk roots and appreciates incorporating these elements into her designs when she can.

She wants to be assessable to her clients which I admire.


As I researched Ashley and Provocouture on-line I would find a magazine she is producing about the local fashion scene featuring other artists, photographers and industry retailers.  Such a smart and obvious asset when an industry is small and growing it is a great resource to knowing whom is who.

Her latest show case is the debut of her burlesque lingerie collection in Edmonton. Sunday March 24th, 2013 Provocouture Studios will be showing in conjunction with the very popular Salon Showcase Evening at Western Canada Fashion Week. This is a great opportunity to been seen and recognised at a fun evening and see some amazing talent.

I know I will be going in for a consultation as there is a particular retro dress I have been looking for and I feel I might have to have it made on my behalf.  I am willing to spend a couple of extra dollars knowing this dress will be cut and sewn to my exact measurements and details.


Turn around time for Ashley’s dresses looks reasonable as well as her pricing scale.  It’s not everyday you can say you have your own piece of couture. xx


Even if you are not in the Peace Country I would still look into Ashley’s work, there is something special and unique about her. I do believe she is a real asset to the fashion community of Grande Prairie and I look forward to seeing what new she comes up with.


10001-101 Avenue #209
Grande Prairie, Alberta  T8V 0X9

(780) 933-2724

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