To Contest or Not to Contest…?!

This is a question that I amuse to myself, off and on.


First, I am not really sure what I would offer as a prize?


I then reflect on this.

I feel as if the likes that I receive on my FB Page or here on the site are due to a sincere appreciation for what you have read or seen.  I don’t want to pervert the experience because of solicitation, a lure, baiting or offering of a prize; it kind of goes against the authenticity of these mediums.


YET I am close to 1000 likes on my Page and I would like to do something for you all as appreciation of my Page.


Problem is I don’t want to isolate anyone either.

I feel what I offer is far reaching as I encompass a few subjects that are near and dear to me and how you find your way here depends on what appealed to you.


I have seen Pages offering fan of the Month and even then I cannot come to judging whom is the greatest fan as you might appreciate your experience just as much if not more than another with out cause to comment and so what basis do I have to vote or pick.


What it is I do, or why you would want to subscribe to my on-line offerings can be as I said before varied.  The typical of my genres I don’t fit into so again I am not sure if one would want anything custom from me.


I do appreciate all who have come to my on-line locations, regardless if you have made your presence known or not.  You all deserve a prize..xx

Maybe once I am at 1000 I will do something fun..!

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