Enough is enough.

“Are you sure..? Who are these people you are talking about..? What do you mean when you say they glare at YOU and call YOU names..? I have heard that you manage to find yourself in a fair amount of predicaments around the school.  Are you sure YOU are not making this out to be a little worst than it really is..?”

Sitting in the Principals office once again I feel 2 inches tall that is great as I started as 4 when I walked in with my Mum.  It’s my third year in this new to me country school, which pride’s itself as being the gem of the community.


As my chair faces the window I look out onto the playground as I try to disappear in my mind away from the droning of the Principal.  I am full aware she has started into making excuses and there is no help for me here.


This is a new Principal, my previous years was a decent man.  He actually listened to my Mom and sought the truth.  When she would come in on my behalf explaining what exactly was going on he saw what was happening and nipped the situation in the bud.  The new Principal was in denial; maybe it was easier to save her own reputation than a student.


I come back to present moment and my eye happens to settle on a group of girls standing in eye sight and it is no surprise to me as they are holding their middle fingers up to me and sticking out their tongues.


These were the mean girls and their Mother’s also worked with in the school so we all knew they could wreak havoc on other’s lives with out ramification.


They knew they were safe.


On the other hand I was the outsider, I have not ever really wanted to fit in with a group of girls and living in different places and having eccentric parents taught me about being open minded and embracing who I am.  I am smart and speak the truth, I can be sarcastic and often I am perceived as being a smart ass.  Seems these girls were insecure, they wanted more and when I was not willing to play along with them they attacked.

I feel sick to my stomach, my Mum does not see out the window as she is sitting opposite to me and the Principal is so caught up in her rant that she is even starting to believe the bullshit that is spewing out of her own mouth.  She does not see either, all the while the conversation is insinuated this is a good Christian community and such hatred of others does not exist.

People wonder what happens that would lead a kid like me to desperate measures such as suicide yet no one is willing to take a look at them selves and their involvement in a situation.  It is easier to pass the buck or lay blame on the one person that is seeking help.

The word or term bully or bullying has lead to such complacency in our society, you either told to suck it up its not that bad or better yet protect the bully and victimize the victim.  The increase in suicides due to being bullied has come to a numbing tally and yet we all stand around wondering how we got here.


My story ends on a positive note that can’t be said for a lot of others. I was removed from the situation, as escape goat was quickly becoming my nickname. I am not a victim and I would not be left in an environment to be victimized as it was very clear there was no help or support for me.


Upon being removed from the school and continuing my schooling from home; my Mum went a step further and removed my siblings from the school as well.  She said it would be hypocritical to have these parents that would enable their kids to bully and torment another living being through their actions of denial, to then teach my brothers.


My story is like a million others out there, it only takes to be heard to make a difference in someone’s life.  When did it become ok to allow another being to destroy the essence and the beauty of another living being just because they can?

When will enough be enough..

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