The Professional Façade.



I grew up with in a single parent family; my mother was a business professional whom was very good at her job.  Whether she knew it or not I picked up on her nuances of how to carry yourself, to refine yourself and to know how your actions will affect the perception of your self by others in a professional environment.


I knew I was not going to grow up to be a professional anything yet where life took me I did find these quiet lessons did help to guide me and enable me to get places I needed to.


I worked retail for many years and then I transitioned into the beauty industry and went to school to learn a trade and become a hair designer.


This was one of many times in my life all that I grew up practicing would unfold to teach me the whys and so I would learn on a deeper level the fine art of what we choose to do with our personal voices, our platforms, how the world sees you.


I remember clearly the first 2 weeks of hair school; the first chapter of the Milady’s text book was about the client stylist relationship, it would be the bible for the procedure.  The how’s and why’s creating a foundation for communicating and establishing trust in your client for your current service.


I really found this chapter quite interesting as allot of what I practiced growing up came to play and I found myself deeply connected to the “should and should not.”

As we know in a salon experience once the desired style is communicated and the service is being set forth from that point on there is the friendly conversation that continues on between client and stylist and we were warned, in order to maintain a level of professionalism and trust from your client there are boundaries or topics that one should never cross.


Well this all of course seemed like simple common sense to me.  I would question in my mind who would want to pursue strong topics that can arise emotion and possible strong oppositional reaction in such a setting.  Matters such as race, religion, politics and money were to be off limits.


I never have felt the need to shout my personal beliefs as I respect others and would wish the same for myself. My beliefs or belief system is that of my own, learning respect and curbing judgements to understand we see life through different eyes and we all have our own perceptions.


For the most part there are parts of me that are very private although I do have a very easy going way about my thoughts on matters that seem to evoke the most emotion from people.


I feel for life the greatest gift I can afford someone that does not cost money is to offer someone myself in a non-judgemental and compassionate state of being.  It is ok for you to be you and me to be me.

My professional façade has helped me through the years, not to say the person you meet in public is not me yet rather a bit more refined and toned down.



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