Betsy goes for a ride via TGS Contracting.

TGS Contracting Hauling Betsy to the Beauty Shop

Winters are bad in our neck of the woods and after purchasing Betsy my 54 Two Ten Chevy wagon she had to stay on the coast where she was purchased until we could come up with a plan.

Spring is in the air and time to get Betsy rolling our first initial source to haul Betsy to Edmonton would fall through and we were left searching for someone else in loo of my husband trying to haul her on his own.

Through a FB Group we were contacted about TGS Contracting and that they would be able to help us out in our predicament.  With an enclosed trailer no one was sure that Betsy was going to fit.  Tony the owner of TGS went to where Betsy currently sits to measure her to make sure she would be good to go.

As we are on the other side of the Province this was incredible to us and we sincerely appreciated this action as we need her to be hauled. All worked out and she will fit.

This Friday Betsy will be picked up and delivered to the shop, where she will be brought back to a state in which she can pass our Provincial inspection for insurance and registry purposes.

After she is registered we plan to take her back to the shop to get her “ Dolled” up in time for next years VIVA where we intent to road trip down to Las Vegas in her.

Friday came and it was a big day for me as it is my scheduled town day, between trying to get out the door and the excitement of news on her pick up I am surprised I did not forget one of the kids in my whirlwind.

Pictures were posted on TGS’s FB Page early in the morning of her strapped in the enclosed and heading to Edmonton.  When I saw those I knew it was all finally coming together and I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.


A big thanks goes out to TGS Contracting and if your looking for hauling within Canada I would recommend their services..!xx

Haul a Haulb

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