Another Box.

Sitting at the kitchen table drinking my second I can do it Monday morning coffee I am taking my last scroll through FBland in one sense trying to procrastinate homeschooling this morning.


I can see the light at the end of this tunnel yet nothing could have prepared me for the flood of lessons I have learned this year about my children, life, school and our society from the choice I made to home school.

I find my eyes rest on a video that a good friend has shared and I was compelled to watch even though my data was going to go through the roof.

Within the first minute I am in tears..

All that I have come to learn and understand is clearly stated in front of my eyes and I don’t know what we need to do to make a change.

Some of our children our drowning, we need to get out of the box.


Watch for yourself.


I might not spell the best, use the correct grammar yet I am intensely compelled to write and if I were to stop because I listened and did not because of what I may lack to some, what a sad day for someone that might hear me and there fore be heard themselves.



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