We intended to make a shelter to store the required amount of hay to get the horses through the winter season.

Such as life it did not happen and we luckily found a reliable hay dealer and so our monthly hay day was to commence


We hook up our 2 horse straight haul and bumble down the hwy to the next community where there is a multitude of square bales stacked in waiting for people like us to buy them


The most essential feed required to care for our equine friends.  We feed a square bale a day between the four horses at 4.50 a bale.


A constant flow of hay is the life energy for our equine friends, our land is plenty to stretch their legs yet does not offer the sustainability required to feed off the land.

Weather is a key player in quantity fed as the temps drop the acquired amount to feed increases.

I am very lucky though, we used to feed off of round bales, huge round rolls of hay that is typically put into a field for horses or cattle to feed directly off of yet we did not have enough horses to make this practical so we would rake off what we needed and sled it into the horses.

Now we feed square bales in which you pull off the desired amount of flakes and feed, made for luxury feeding in the winter when the temps are really low and you don’t want to be outside for long.

I always say a barn full of hay is like a cupboard full of groceries.



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