The quick trip on a long road.

The time has finally come; Betsy had finally caught a ride to Edmonton Alberta where she is now sitting in line waiting for her turn to enter the shop.  Being that we are a Province over and an 8 hour drive to travel south making the connections to time a trip down has been a cluster of cancelled trips because of weather or work.

In the meanwhile I am going nuts with anticipation to finally to lay my hands upon her and know her to be true.

Betsy my 54 Chevy Two-Ten wagon is my 10 year wedding anniversary gift from my husband.  She will be my daily driver in the no snow season and the family fun maker.

It has been about 5 months of waiting since she was purchased for me and the moment is finally here.  I am not sure how I can ease my mind over the long drive south.  To break it up we drove for 5 hours, took a hotel and continued in the morning.

The drive was considerably smooth as we often have one thing or another going on so arriving at the shop fresh and early in the morning was a compliment to the day.

We arrived at the shop and headed in to talk to owner about the progress on my husband’s build of his 1966 VW Micro bus Deluxe – Pandora’s Box.  After about 5 mins (I am surprised I waited so long) I dismissed myself from the conversation and made my way out back, outside.

I opened the door and there she sat in my eye line of the yard, in a row her chrome shone as the morning sun cast itself upon the rides parked neatly, tails against the fence and noses out nice and pretty.

I put Betsy in my sights and headed straight for her driver side door, hiked up my many crinolines and sat behind the wheel.  A bit beside myself I really was not sure what to take in first.

As we bought her sight unseen it was anyone’s guess what she would really be like, through the others recanting of what they had seen of her there is nothing like setting your own eyes upon your own ride.

The entire time I was sat behind the wheel I did not let go, I admired all her shiny bits on her dash and mainly drifted off into daydream.

She is now in waiting to return to the road to recovery and I say she will be worth the time and effort. A labour of love Betsy signifies a coming together of many aspects of my years spent with my husband.

She was really more gorgeous than I could have ever possibly imagined.





4 thoughts on “The quick trip on a long road.

  1. What a fabulous wedding gift, Boss Mare! I’m so glad the time came when you could finally meet her. She’s perfect for you. Sounds like the hubby is too.
    Happy Trails, Jo

    1. Thank you Jo..!
      Yes she was more than I could have ever imagined and I do believe my hubby is as excited or maybe a little more to see Betsy on her way to being completely polished.
      I know no matter what she is going to be a gem so I am not worried..xx

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