Fresh eyes, inspiration from teen fashion.

For the love of fashion and all things that are cute and pretty or maybe not, to have choices and to own them, where does this come from?

Do we come to determine our desired look through emulation of others or are we driven by our selves to look different from the rest.

When I see a teen or youth I wonder how they are really inspired, I look at them and their fashion choices wondering what their message is if any? I want to see them, to know their creativity as they are a reminder to look at ourselves through fresh eyes.

I have always appreciated teen styling specially the few that are the risk takers, the ones that are willing to step apart from the rest.  They are inspiring, do we have to understand it or like it, it is more that you appreciate they are doing it.  To adorn one’s self is such a celebration of where you’re at or you’re simply making a statement.

Dressing and fashion in an unconventional way is very much appreciated in this family, I believe one of the greatest gifts I have afforded my kids is the freedom from societal pressures.  This allows them to be the individuals they are and embrace their own creative expressions through their interests and how they dress or present themselves.

With my background in hair design I am the first to offer up fun hair styles and hair colouring to change things up and my daughter has always taken full advantage of this.

Our favourite place to source alternative wearable fashion in the form of accessories to clothing is Rowena’s in Edmonton.  A fabulous equal opportunity place to shop at for our family because you can find stuff for a wide range of ages and both genders can be found here.  I think it is brilliant my teen can find selections that fit and work for her style and I too find my dresses and bags, not a conventional thought we can shop together yet it is fun.

She finds pieces that mean something to her or inspire her because of their colour and design or simply because they say something in a way that represent her in any given moment.

At first we tended to purchase accessories such as necklaces and hair pieces and then moved into shirts and tank tops.  Pretty much all that you can think of there is sure to be a sampling of if you look through the shop, with the family in tow and 3 sets of eyes we are always sure to find something.

I see in my daughter that the more she is able to make more choices for herself the more she is willing to be creative and take risks which she learns and grows from.  I think it is a great freedom to be able to express yourself through your fashion choices and to have this freedom as a teenager helps support being an individual and knowing who you are and how you feel about yourself.

It is ok to be different and it is beautiful to stand out and we are so great full for a shop like Rowena’s to offer the clothing we choose to dress in.

10762 – 82 Ave.EdmontonAB.(780) 439-5445




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