Hell Bunny, Mystical dress for a teen.

A trip to Edmonton in my house is a signal something NEW will be purchased from Rowena’s on Whyte Ave.  In the past I have purchased accessories and shirts for my Miss. H and this time I bought the Hell Bunny Mystic dress.

Since we are not in the area of the shop sizing is an issue for us YET after Miss. H measured herself and followed the sizing chart on the website we were able to determine she would fit an XS.

I was pretty confident from previous purchases that if it did not fit, she would grow into it and I also knew she would have this piece for sometime because of the elastic insert in the back of this particular dress.

I first decided on this dress because of the print, we are equestrians so the cheeky vampire unicorns was most fitting as well as their pink and lavender colour set on a black back drop with cupcakes and cute skulls.  Two nice shoulder straps hide a undergarments and she was happy to have the longer length as this is her first dress.

Upon calling Miss. H at home and posting only a picture of the fabric, she was on-line in a flash and figured out what we had bought her.  Once we returned home even in her utter excitement it did not take her long to get dressed and show off her new pretty dress.

I really like the shape on her and the neckline of the dress.  It fits her well and I am super happy that I know I can confidently purchase the Hell Bunny dresses for her and they will fit. Miss. H does not want to wear a crinoline or petticoat with this dress as that is more my style YET this dress would look great with one as well.

When I was at Rowena’s I noted there were a couple colour variations and Miss. H told me there was also a shorter version with a halter neckline.

Super CUTE..! If you have a teen and are looking for a party dress or any occasion dress I would scoot down to Whyte and pop into Rowena’s to see what they have, you never know what you will find.  In fact you will find a complete outfit.

Tell them the Boss Mare sent you..xx


10762 – 82 Ave.EdmontonAB.(780) 439-5445




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