Who wants a BmB sticker..?! I DO I DO…!

When I hit 1000 likes on my FB Page I really wanted to do something that was positive and inclusive for my fans rather than limiting and exclusive.  One of my favourite things is to collect logo stickers.  My collection stems mainly from tattoo companies yet I have many.

I decided I would make stickers to celebrate my recent cover photo by Becca Whitaker by offering them in appreciation of you all as a first step in a 2 part give-away/ contest.

Once I reach 1500 fans I will start sending stickers out..!

Since I would most likely be sending these stickers across the world I really wanted to make sure you were a fan and you did indeed want one so I made a pretty fun and simple rule.  In order to qualify you need to take a picture of where you are going to put your sticker.

Your creativity is useful to you in your picture, you can include yourself or not.  No naughty pictures as I am posting them all to a Photo Album on the Page. It’s simple your picture represents your sticker, so no photo, no sticker.

Once you have sent in your photo you can then message me your address where I am keeping track of them for sending time..xx

The second part of this give-away is the contest part for the people that took the time to take a picture.  We will vote through the accumulation of likes per picture and the winner wins a small prize pack of random cuteness that would be inspired by “living life in the cute lane”


Details for the contest will be listed at a later date as I am only accepting photos at this time.

I hope in the end once you all do receive your stickers you will post another of YOU and your Boss Mare Betty sticker.  You are such a GREAT bunch of people and I wanted to offer a little something back in appreciation for you choosing to like my Page.




6 thoughts on “Who wants a BmB sticker..?! I DO I DO…!

  1. Only U would think of this and be so generous, Betty. I’ve gotten enuf just from your pages + ur blog.
    I’ve always been interested in cars, gone to car shows, been to stock car + drag races. Luv the sound of a purring car engine, a burnout or a revving big bike.

    Not at all interested in art til I accidently discovered airbrush from what I saw on Harley gas tanks. That led me to the library to page thru coffee table books of airbrush art. That’s how I discovered pinups – Luís Varga for example. I was stunned by how lifelike airbrush can be. I guess most art seems very static to me. Airbrush is dynamic. Too bad it’s considered “low brow” or commercial. That makes shows very difficult to find – even tho we have the National Gallery here in the Capital.

    Want to thank U again for introducin me to a different aspect of Kar Kulture + pinup art.
    Always a forum here + on FB to share ur creativity. It’s much appreciated, “Betty”.
    Bet U cannot wait to come up with just the right hairdo + wardrobe to do Betsy proud + get to the Vegas gathering in 14!

    1. Oh Jo..!!

      I adore your replies and I appreciate you take the time to write such thoughtful comments to me. I really enjoying to hear about your experiences.

      I would encourage you to message or email me your address so I can send you a sticker as I truly appreciate all that you say and participate.. xx

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