Feeling a bit Blue.

I was of the greatest fortune to be able to un-expectantly pick up the BLUE Heidi from my recent trip down to Rowena’s in Edmonton, AB.  Of course my immediate reaction was to pull it from the rack because it was in my size; the blue was a different story.

My career in purchasing PUG Heidi’s and Netti’s has been a bit reverse for my shopping experience than most shoppers, I am buying first because of the cut of the dress and then the colour comes second.

A fresh take on shopping because I never really know what colours might end up in my closet.  I do have a blue and white anchor motif Netti yet this was my first solid blue piece.

I was not shocked that I LOVE it and that I will be able to work my magic of swapping out crinolines and belts, this day I chose to go with white yet depending on the look your after what colours you pair this dress with will help direct it to the look.

Other options would be red and black whom I think will lend to a more sophisticated look.

Weather has changed around up here for me so I was excited to have this dress to step into town for my first dress of the season.

Being Blue is not as bad as you might think it is.. xx



One thought on “Feeling a bit Blue.

  1. 1)Blue dress looks good, BossMare. Nice contrast with your dark hair + eyes.
    I’d suggest a white belt with this outfit. Blue goes surprisingly well with very pale purple. One of my favourite combinations. Lyuv purple but I know not everyone does.

    Found your blog amusing, as blue was pre-dominant in our closets – I got my blue eyes from my late mom. I wear all shades of blue except navy which washes me out. You wear it so well. I look best in teal (turquoise or green/blue).

    2)Your title fit right into my mood. Finally the snow’s gone, the trees + grass are green, and everything is just starting to bloom. As a friend said yesterday on a gorgeous sunny morning:”I wish I could freeze time right now.” I agree.

    This is the long weekend that I learned to hate early in life when fireworks shows + “Tulip Festival” activities were huge events to look forward to. Not to mention an extra day just to be outside with family + friends playin + picnicing. But it always, I mean every year always, rains at least one day of the three. Along with high winds + low temps, this disrupts any outdoor plans. Always a disappointing long weekend.

    So it’s been pouring buckets today, all day, + is very grey. Not as bad this year, as my hockey team was in an afternoon TV playoff game + won. (Go Boston!) Now the live music of The Billboard Awards will pick things up. Tomorrow’s actually supposed to be warm, dry + sunny for the last day of the weekend. I hope so – rain is predicted daily for the rest of the week. Ah, what passes for Spring in Ottawa.

    Glad you write your blog. One thing that always brings sunshine into my week.
    Time to go back + get caught up on the ones I missed. Thanx, BossMare.


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