Inter-web connections..

You know when you have one of those proper inspiring random conversations that leave you with a spring in your step and a metaphorical pat on your back..?  It’s these sparkly glittery moments that are better than any sweet or candy, like a warm embrace from a loved one you are enveloped in a feeling of belonging and knowing.

I have never really been one to do as everyone else, I spent many years ‘frustrated’ that I was different and no matter how I tried to fit I didn’t and so I also slowly started to resign from society.

Once I was able to embrace my different, I started to emerge back into the world, opening up a bit more.  Shining bright rather than diminishing myself to suit other peoples needs, wants or desires.  So I began to soften, in the past year the sun shines brighter, I am less bitter, I have left fear behind me and I am willing to take risks.

The further I travel on this road the more I discover there is a group of people around me that unknown to me have very similar life plans/beliefs.  Every so often when the moment is just right they share things that touch me profoundly.

The second part to this magical map of mystery is that I have never met most of these people in my physical person and may unfortunately never have such the pleasure as I have connected literally through the inter-web to places, spaces and beyond.

From one point of the world to the other I have had the greatest of fortunes to have met and now call these online people my friends.  It is a constant reminder that although we may not be able to see one’s physical mannerisms, to touch flesh or see eye to eye our inner essence can shine so brightly that we can still in fact connect.

I have always had a hard time connecting to people in my physical self, I find it is much easier for me to carry myself through the dance of my fingers as the typed words play across keyboard of my expression and connection, rather than by my own tongue and voice.

In fact I do believe that you truly know me through this medium, better than you would ever if you met me in person.



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