The most MAGICAL Pedicure Potion EVA…!

It’s summer and a perk of being a woman is super cute foot wear.  Whether you’re choosing sling backs or sandals, in order to draw positive attention to your desired style is to assure your heels and feet are looking polished and purrr-fect.

Speaking from personal experience as I live with Type one Diabetes foot health and care are VERY important to me.  I unfortunately can have the worse looking heals and no amount of buffing with a pumice stone or cream gave me nice smooth heels.  Frustrating is not a strong enough word as I really was self conscious of my heels.  No matter what I did to better them it always seemed it was a temporary fix that sometimes caused me more pain than good. 

The topic of feet is not always a pleasant one yet I really wanted to share this Pedicure Potion that I came across because it worked..! Like OMG it WORKED kind of worked..! I feel like an infomercial singing the praises and I went out of my way to even buy more of the ingredients to ensure I could maintain my NEW feet.

The base of this potion is mouth wash and vinegar, simple as that.  The measurements suggested was a ¼ cup of each and the rest of your foot bath being warm water.  The amount of water was not specified.  

The suggestion was to soak and then simply rub off the exfoliated skin.  For myself I soaked, buffed with a pumice stone and then soaked again.  I repeated because my heels were very bad. 

It has been a week now since I did this and honestly I cannot believe my heels are still looking and feeling fantastic..! This is a big deal and even if you only try once I highly recommend an afternoon on your deck with your tootsies soaking in this potion..!

Please share the recipe with your friends, you never know who might find this Pedicure Potion very useful. 

BmB.. xx

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