Who is Boss Mare Betty..?!

As posted in the “about” section of my FB Page; Living life in the CUTE lane..xx
I blog about the life of a “Boss Mare” I write about my adventures and perspective on life. I review products, merchandise and business from a candid point of view. I promote events and I journal about my life as a mum and living on a horse farm working with horses in an alternative style. I have a unique perspective and this page is many things to support my blog, a photo journal, on-line scrapbook and a platform for my voice..♥

Pin Up comes to life when we are going to town as we live deep in the country, this is my time to get Dolled Up..! I offer a little something for everyone and I hope you enjoy your time here..! xx BmB

What’s the cute lane..? Anything that catches my fancy as I really enjoy the term super CUTE it was most fitting to me that I ride (roll) there. xx

What’s with all the kissing..? The double xx has stuck, I think there is always a level of cheek and flirtiness offered by a Pin-up girl and what a way to end a statement, especially in written form.

As a Mum of three and the main purchaser for the family I know my opinion matters when it comes to shopping.  Since I do not shop often and our shopping selection is limited in my direct area.  I am often very creative in my purchases to re-purpose or make choices that would best suit the needs for the family and consideration for our animals and the farm.

I have always had a real desire to write and I really am not conventional in my style yet I feel I have something worthy to read. I have a wide range of interests from tattooing, cars, vintage and retro lifestyles.

As I live in an area where I am the only kind of myself I decided I would create a way to have my own community, platform or voice.xx

I enjoy purchasing from home based businesses for accessories and I am open to doing merchandise/blog exchanges if I feel the business is promoting work that supports my ideas and standards as I only want to promote the best of the best for my fan base. Xx

As I have my website for blogging I have a FB Page to share my blogging, imagery I find on the internet and connecting with others in the industry.  I have a Instigram and Twitter accounts that are probably my most personal social platforms as I post a lot of images that are directly from my life here on the farm.

It is my desire to not truly define myself as anyone thing as I have a wider scope of experiences to draw from and this allows the sky to be my limit.

Why the Boss Mare, because it was most fitting, as the lead female in my family and living on a horse farm I am the Boss Mare. You may never know what to expect, yet you can be sure what ever ‘it’ might be comes from a genuine and authentic place.  My intention is to hold what I produce and share with you to a high standard and quality experience.


Sitting pretty with Netti

A further description of a Boss Mare;

Within a herd of horses there are two very present dynamics, the stallion that protects the herd and helps to bring new life to the herd through breeding and the Boss Mare.  The Boss Mare is the true leader of the herd as she is the decision maker, the planner and the caretaker of the herd.  It is she whom finds good feeding, alerts the herd to move simply through her body language.  She does not promote her position in order to lead, she is known and respected to be fair by the herd and so they listen to her.

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