REVREV Revival and Pin-Up Pageant 2013

REVREV Revival and Pin-up Pageant 2013

A little over a month ago I was introduced to the Hooligan Car Club through my internet travels and discovered they were in Edmonton, Alberta where we go to see our metal babies.

We planned to attend their Revival to be held in July so I could blog on the day’s events and the Pageant.  After a little coaxing from my family I decided to enter the contest myself.

July 20th arrived and as I walked onto the grounds of the Car Show I was really quite excited by the turn out of cars, there was a LIVE band The Sabre Jets and most of all I was excited to meet the other contestants of the Pageant.

The clutch of hens

These were the gorgeous ladies that were in attendance for the day.. xx

Alexis – the talented swing dancer in a beautiful mint with white polka dot dress and matching shrug. 


Kayla- in a Rosey the Riveter inspired cover-alls and hair scarf and note, these are really hers and she has a name patch on them.  Kayla’s talent was painting her own car.

Kayla's Car

Anna Mae- wearing a gorgeous red dress sang a jazz song for her talent portion and hails from Calgary AB.

Sinder Sparks- wearing a smile worth a million dollars and a heart of gold, Sinder sang with the Live band The Sabre Jets.

Cinder Sparks and the Sabre Jets

Laurette- in the Royal blue dress had inspiring upbeat words for us all, Laurette’s great spirit and sense of humour kept times on stage light for me..xx

Carla- in the white with black stripe dress was a first time entry into the Pageant.

Chantel- was our most authentic Doll, she lives a vintage lifestyle and was an awesome hula-hooper..


Through out the day you would find us ladies sprinkled amongst the crowd, holding signs for the burn out competition and mingling with the attendees.  A couple of the dolls showcased their talents on the main stage through song and dance.

In the afternoon we were called upon stage to help call out the numbers for the door prizes and shortly after that the awards were handed out for the Pageant. Seen in this picture was one of the day’s MC, Paula the other not seen was Miss Hot Rod Hooligan 2012 – Kortney LovesAlot.

These two had amazing stage presence and the banter between them was great and kept us entertained.

One of our gorgeous MC's Paula

The awards handed out were;
Miss Hot Rod Hooligan 2013 was awarded to Alexis..! Congrats..xx
1st Runner up was Sinder Sparks..!
2nd Runner up was Chantel..!
On-Line winner was Boss Mare Betty
First Pageant was Kayla..!
Best Make up – Chantel..!
Best Hair – Boss Mare Betty
Best Talent – Alexis..!
Most funds raised for the Stollery Children’s Foundation was Laurette..!

The end

We all received gorgeous stashes we could wear and certificates, looking back now the day went really quickly and I wish I had taken more pictures..!

BmB.. xx

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