The Hot Legs Award..xx

Upon arriving to the REVREV Revival and getting sorted out I knew that as the “On-line” Winner I would have the pleasure of giving out the Hooligan’s Car Club Award – Hot Legs to my favourite pick.

Custom Bowling pin trophies

This for me was going to be the challenge of the day, not because I was going to have to decide on my favourite ride rather going a step further to talk to the car owner and learn more to better appreciate the story behind the wheels.

I set off with my note book in hand, picked a direction and started my research.

I had a couple of picks;


Bev and Wayne Armstrong
1940 Pontiac

Buick Le Sabre

Dan and Rachel
1959 Buick Le Sabre

Morris Minor

1957 Morris Minor


Gary Cooper 1952 Cheifton


Doug Odiorne
Chevy Fleetline


Dave Bordman
1951 Custom Mercury

At the end I decided on Dave Bordman’s 51 Mercury as we had a really great conversation, I really appreciated how he recanted the story of the build and how he and his wife like to do many long distance cruises in this car.

I am a fan of the big Custom cruisers and the look of flat black, I am not always drawn to the obvious when looking at a vehicle and there were a lot of little details that won me over.

My pick

My Pick

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