PUG’s Netti Dress in Cat Print..xx

The dress that almost got away yet I know will serve me more than 9 lives..!

PUG’s Cat print fabric came in either the Heidi or the Netti style dress.  Depending on the dress would depend on where the red trim would be placed upon a super cute blue fabric. The pattern is accented with chic black silhouetted black cats and little balls of yarn.  Both dresses come with a red belt.

Last season my attention was caught by this fabulous print, at the time I was undecided between the 2 styles of dresses. Meow.. I wanted them both. Xx

Recent events would enable me to acquire this cute little number so with opportunity on my side I was prepared to pounce.  I was not going to miss out and since the Heidi was not available my decision was made, it would be Netti for me.

This is a vibrant dress and has a lot of personality; I feel it is highly relatable and received a lot of compliments when I wore it out for the first time.

Things to know about the Netti are that it has a zipper up the side and the straps are adjustable.  There is a little stretch in the fabric and a beautiful full circle skirt. I personally wear a 2XL. I also favour wearing a petticoat to give the skirt a bit more fullness.

This beauty was purchased from Rowena’s in Edmonton, Alberta and their website is http://www.retroglam.com

This day I chose to accessorize with black belt, petticoat, and shoes which I have usually seen done with red.  I also chose a black cardigan yet used my purse and jewellery in reds.

If you can get your hands on this little number I highly recommend you do.

Cat Print Netti

4 thoughts on “PUG’s Netti Dress in Cat Print..xx

  1. This looks great on you! I stumbled on your blog because I’m looking at 2 PUG dresses, and was googling images of real people wearing them… both of which I read now you already own! The cat print Netti, and the cherry print Heidi. I also see you own both in 2XL, the same size I’m looking at ordering. I’m a little concerned about whether the fit will be right because I’m not up for paying return and re-buy shipping charges from the US if I get it wrong. I won’t be so bold as to ask your measurements, but if I tell you I’m 45-38-47 can you tell me if you think the 2XL is the right size choice?? I know they have sizing charts on the PUG site but there also seems to be a lot of comments about sizing up and sizing down etc. Thanks a million!

    1. Hi Sarah..!

      Where are you in the world, if your in Canada there are a couple of Canadian shops that carry PUG dresses 🙂

      Your measurements sound like they will work and I really use good shape wear under my dresses to keep me smooth.

      My chest is 48 and waist 38. Hips don’t worry as the full circle skirt will not apply and crinolines help give volume.

      Thank you for your comment and I hope this helps. Rowena is in Edmonton Alberta and they carry this line. Their online store is http://www.retroglam.com.

      Talk soon.

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