Purses and Petticoats

If there are two accessories this girl can not live with out that would be my super CUTE purses and my petticoats.  Each has their own very specific and much needed jobs.


Being a curvy girl I have a lot up top and like the balance I achieve with even more of a hour glass appearance when the bottom of my skirt is a bit fuller.  I find a petticoat helps the skirt hold its shape and also can hide a multitude of sins through the illusion a fuller skirt gives you.

I have started a collection of petticoats and my most recent additions I am most pleased with.  I purchased 2 Hell Bunny Petticoats in shop at Rowena’s in Edmonton, which can also be purchased on-line on their website http://www.retroglam.com

Hell Bunny is making affordable petticoats in a wide variety of colours.  My favourite part is that they are quite full.  I am known for having to double up to achieve the look that just one of these beauties will give you.

HB Petticoats

My base colours in my collection are currently black, red and white and I am looking to acquire a green and a pink one yet I am also trying to find slip belts that would match. I like to coordinate my belts to my petticoats in all sorts of configurations and I find you can make a dress look a little different depending on what colours you pair with it.


If you wear full skirts or skirted dresses why not try a petticoat you might be surprised with the added bounce/fullness you receive.


For as long as I can remember I have always adored purses and handbags, I figure it was because they always fit.  I personally cannot resist a nice bag that compliments an out fit.  There is a lot of room for play with your hand bag selection and can really help make a statement.

I have noticed lately I have been leaning towards red accents a lot and so it was time to invest in a new red purse as the only one I had was a real stand out.

I knew it was meant to be when I came across the Red Sourpuss Floozy Purse on http://www.retroglam.com.  What first drew my attention to this little red number was its price point.  I was attracted to its shiny red vinyl and cute bow detail in the front and a single carry strap.

This was my first Sourpuss Purse and I was smitten with it when I finally saw it in person, it was waaaaaay cuter than I could have imagined.

Sourpuss Floozy

The kiss lock closure was nice and firm so I knew this girl would protect its contents, the single strap is comfortable and makes it easy to navigate to get in and out of.  I was sold on the interior lining being leopard print and with a zipper pocket on one side and two slit pockets on the other, for the size I was most impressed with its roominess.

It even has 4 little metal feet on the underside and the purse measures aprox 12 by 6 by 4.  This purse came in other colour pallets, cream w/black bow, pink w/black bow, mint w/black bow and black on black.

I could easily fetch another.

One thought on “Purses and Petticoats

  1. Ah, Betty, it’s so much fun to follow your adventures! I love luxurious things but am not a “girly” girl in the sense of lace and ruffles. This makes it all the more interesting to read of your crinolines, dresses, petticoats and purses.

    If I can avoid it, I don’t use a purse at all – that’s what pants pockets are for! Alas, women’s dress pants are often without pockets, forcing me to lug something. The latest I’ve come across is the tiny ‘cross body bag’ (itsy bitsy with a very long strap so that it can go over the head and be worn across the body on the hip, leaving hands free). I keep trying to whittle down the “stuff” I always think I couldn’t possibly leave home without, so that I can wear the BLUE one I have from AVON.

    Recently I thought long and hard before shelling out $35 for a second cross body bag. My favourite magazine at present is “InStyle”. I love looking at everything new in clothes, jewellery and makeup. While waiting for the bag to arrive, in that month’s issue, I counted many, in every colour + style imaginable, My “AVON Lady” (as they were called for decades) and I got a great chuckle out of the fact that not one single bag in the magazine was under $300, and most were much, much more expensive – even over $1000. HaHa. (Hollywood’s finest are often shown in this magazine wearing the most up-to-date fashion and jewellery.) When it got arrived, the bag was not the beautiful TEAL shade pictured, but a truly ugly bag, not even large enough to hold my chubby old cellphone. So I even saved myself the $35.

    I must admit the AVON catalogue has become a real weakness for me. I didn’t start buying from it ’til the past few years, but must have bought nearly everything skin, makeup and especially nail related in it by now. Everything in the catalogue looks so enticing! My life could be greatly simplified if I were able to to buy everything from a catalogue and have it delivered – especially groceries. I’ve only allowed a computer in my home for less than two years, so I still haven’t worked up the courage to buy online. I can see that for you, it’s a lifesaver. That encourages me to try it without fear from a responsible seller .

    You do a great service to the owner of Rowena and to your readers by always mentioning where the items you buy are available. I was delighted to see the photo of her shop when you were in Edmonton. One day, I hope to visit it. By the way, all of us here who’ve seen you in the lineup of Pageant Contestants that day, really liked your whole outfit, purse included.

    Happy Trails, Jo

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