Just Like Gram’s Designer Cakes

This past August 9th was my 10 year wedding Anniversary and how do you mark such an amazing day..?!


You celebrate with cake..!

I had been hearing a lot about Just Like Gram’s in the FSJ area and figured this would be the perfect occasion to see what we could create and have a tasty treat, well I was not disappointed and I am sure you will not be either.

I had booked the date for the creation of the cake almost 1 year before the date I needed the cake.  Our plans had changed for the Anniversary day and so did my cake and I was so pleased that Tara worked with me to still see the cake would be fabulous.

I felt the price point was reasonable as I had looked at her FB Page and knew I would be receiving a quality and professionally polished cake.

The concept I had presented to her was that I wanted a VW 21 Window Bus, this would be my husband’s life long dream project that is currently being build in Edmonton.  I wanted my husband at the wheel and myself out the other side going down the road as if Pandora’s Box (the bus) was complete.


I sent a few pictures of what the bus looks like as I wanted the bus as true to her form as she could be, what her intended paint scheme is going to be and I waited.

A couple of days prior to the Anniversary I did see mention in a couple of Just like Gram’s status updates that she was indeed working on our cake.  I was so excited as I had never told my husband of the changes I had made to the cake as I wanted a huge surprise for him.

The morning of the Anniversary I waited on baited breathe for Tara to arrive with the cake, it seemed like a mad dash to get to her car at the same as my husband did because for me to see his reaction was what I wanted so dearly to see.


The boot of her vehicle was already open and he had obviously seen her and the look on his face was Priceless..! Just Like Gram’s nailed the design, in fact blew my mind and his.


All the little details were what made us really so happy.  To the personalised license plate to the flower in my hair.


It took a day before we were “allowed” to cut the cake.  My husband loved it so much he did not want to see is be destroyed by consumption.


All in all it took 5 people more than a week to consume this cake.  It remained fresh and tasty considering it was living in a fridge.  Even the covering/wrap that she used tasted so nice and every cut of the cake make the family laugh and giggle as to what vehicle or body part were you going to receive on your cake.


This cake filled our hearts and our tummies and was delicious.  I know if I ever have an occasion that requires a grand cake, or tasty sweet I will be re-ordering as we were all very happy customers.

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