Boss Mare Betty’s Pin-up Paddock.. xx

Pin-up Paddock

So many fine Pin-Ups to enjoy and discover on the Internet, I do believe it is always nice to have the chance to have what you do seen or shared in a way new people are able to find you in the on-line world.

Here is a chance to have a feature on my website and get some cute exposure via a multiple social platforms.

Whether you are a published model or not I am happy to wrangle you up and to showcase your personality in a blog post.  With a direct link to your FB Page, a picture of your sent and signed photograph, 4 fun Pin-up related questions and then a brief description of yourself from what I find on your Page (eg. About Tab.)

I look forward to meeting you and sharing your perception of Pin-up style.

All I need is a signed print of you and four super CUTE questions answered.

Hair Bows or Hair Flowers..?

Favourite sweet treat..?

Favourite ride (make, model, year)?

Favourite Season?

Please message me or email ( if you would like to participate with the title of your message Pin-up Paddock and your 4 answered questions.

Photographs can be sent to

Boss Mare Betty
Rose Prairie, British Columbia

Once photographs are received and your post is live I will share a link to your FB Page via my FB Page  xx
Above image photographed by Sandra Kent Photography. MUAH, Boss Mare Betty

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