FSJ’s Farmers Market..

Open every Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm at the North Peace Arena – 9805 96 Avenue from May 4th to December 14th here is an opportunity to get your hands on farm fresh vegetables, hand crafts and baking.

Although I have lived outside of FSJ for a few years it was a random chance I was in town on the day the Market took place so we stopped in to the skating complex to see what we would find.

I appreciated the location of the Market as there was ample parking and once I entered the building I enjoyed how the tables were stretched out in the foyer.  Upon entering the building I saw tables selling home baked items such as cookies and loaves of bread, there was honey from Rose Prairie with a live Bee display which is interesting for anyone to see.

Farmers Market Foyer
I was interested in seeing the fresh produce grown locally as well as other hand crafted items such as black-smithing items, crocheting and knitted items.

I had a good chat with Mike and Leslie, about the Market.  These two are both selling their own speciality products and in a weird way are paired nicely, a bit of savoury to be followed by sweets.

About Roly Poly Cupcake

Leslie is the Owner/Operator of Roly Poly Cupcakes, her table was stacked nicely with sweet cupcake treats such as her newest addition to the flavour family Maple Bacon French Toast was being presented with a fun bit of bacon in its centre,  not only do they look divine they taste just as heavenly.

Mmmmnnn Bacon..xx

Mike is Owner/Operator of Black Cats BBQ and he is making rubs to use for grilling and cooking deliriously delicious meat.

Meat rubs..

I then spent a bit of time talking to Harvey Kvile of HK Bison that is that is certified organically raised meat which I am very excited to try.  You can contact Harvey locally at (250) 785-5794.

Bison Meat


I was not really aware one could make so many great connections directly to people that grow or make food.  I do believe it is very healthy for our children to see where are food comes from and to talk to the people that grow and raise what we live and eat. 

As we continued through the Market we came across ‘dandelions & mudpies’, selling beautiful hair accessories and click their name to read my blog post.

As we continued down the foyer we then saw familiar favourites such as Tupperware, Sentsy and Pepper’s Plus Size clothing.  I will be sure to go back as the season’s change I know the available product will as well.

If you’re in the area I would recommend a stop in to see what treasures you may find.

Farmer's Market

FB Page; https://www.facebook.com/FortStJohnFarmersMarket?ref=ts&fref=ts


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