The Post Card Exchange..xx

In this new age of technology, email, messaging, private message, texting and the list goes on we are slowly removing ourselves from a very valuable way of expression, the hand written form. 

Penmanship as a skill or art is quickly being replaced by the generic screen fonts as a new quicker way to communicate across the world to places and people we never had the luxury of communicating with before and with what cost.  So quickly we can lose touch with the beautiful extensions of ourselves or we can choose to hold on.

When re-ordering cute stuff for Boss Mare Betty’s Fan Page I had a very romantic idea and went forth with purchasing post cards.  It reminded me of the days when I would be with my Grandmother in the country and stop on our trips into town at her post box to pick up the mail.  As she was from Germany and wrote letters to friends back home often, there was always something interesting in her mail.

I wanted to give you all something a little more personal from me and so I started sending out my post cards.

Then it came to me last night what a great idea to do an exchange.  I will gladly send you one of my limited edition cards in exchange for a card from where you are in the world.

BmB Post Card

As I live in the country and we have limited interaction with people yet I have connected with so many of you around the world, what a beautiful living project it would be to receive post cards in return from you all.

My decision to home-school my children did not come lightly as I am not an academic minded person yet I believe whole heartedly that a person’s spirit must be given the right to soar, be full and happy and traditional school was not the place for them.

I have always said you must do what makes you happy and even though I am not a technical or correct writer in a traditional sense the opportunity to share my perspective and the like has been an immense joy to me.

Now my joy will be shared with my children who will be gifted from you a new inspiration, a chance to receive a tactile piece of information that will motivate them to be curious and seek more, there fore learning about our world and receiving a greater connection to the outside world.  As one of my boys lives with Asberger’s this really will open a new world to him and the other Attention Deficit I hope for them to be as eager to get to the Post and see what has arrived from you.

My intention is to get a world map and pin the places our cards come from, an adventure of the world awaits us.

Thank you, I am so great full to who chooses to participate, near or far away every card counts and matters to me.. xx

If you would like to participate please inbox me your address on my FB Page or email me at and I will return my address to you.

Stay tuned for news of when the cards start to arrive.

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