Boss Mare Betty’s Pin-up Paddock, Kiera Clover..xx

BmB’s second Pin-up in the Paddock is, Kiera Clover..!

Kiera Clover Sign

“I love my life and the people I choose to surround myself with. Volunteering and helping people while dressing up in an era that I adore is beyond amazing!”

Hair Bows or Hair Flowers: Bows all the way! However I do have a mass amount of both.

Favourite Sweet Treat: Frozen yoghurt or dark chocolate anything.

Favourite ride: 57 Bel Air, it has been my favourite car since I can remember. I will own one some day!!

Favourite Season: This is so hard for me because I love so much about all seasons. However I really don’t think there is anything much more beautiful then when the leaves changes colours in the fall.

Thank you so very much Kiera Clover.. xx

Kiera clover card

BmB.. xx

If you would like to be featured as a Pin-up in Boss Mare Betty’s Paddock please email me directly at or MSG me on the FB Page;



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