100th Post..! xx

Today is a milestone of sorts, 100 posts to my blog.. Wow..!

I have had a very interesting journey over the past few months, I feel I have never been solid to any one thing and this can be very obvious through my writings as they can take you this way and that..

I do know for sure I do what is true to me and the words I share here are my truth.

My winter is quickly approaching and I feel i will have much to share about the horses work on the farm and you never know what may come up.

Thank you for coming along with me here and to all that read and like my writings as I appreciate this deeply.

Till we meet again..

BmB.. xx

Words to live by..

7 thoughts on “100th Post..! xx

  1. I luv bein along for the journey. U’ve introduced me to new worlds I would not have expected to encounter so late in my life. I knew nothing of Pin Ups, tattoos, vintage clothing, or Rockabilly.
    Car crazy yes, but was already an adolescent when the 60’s muscle cars came out. Luved a 30’s coupe but now have slowly learned to appreciate cars + some trucks from the 40’s + 50’s. VW’s I’ll leave to others 😉
    Look forward to hearin more of ur aventures. Perhaps U’ll tell us all about a typical week on the farm.
    Thank U for writing, BossMare.

  2. 100 posts… something to be proud of, for certain! You are such a lovely soul, and we [your readers] are lucky to have you in our lives! May you have another 100 posts to celebrate, and may you enjoy them all xoxo

    1. Oh Faith what a beautiful comment to receive this morning. Xx

      Thank you so very much for this..!

      As I am great flu and appreciate you all that take the time to read my thoughts.

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