My New Rock Boots..xx

Freedom and infinite possibilities, being in my 20’s was a good time for me.  There was more opportunity to find my way to who I was.  Personal expression through dressing and style was a platform that was exciting.

I will never forget the day I was on my lunch break and I passed the store front window of an alternative shoe shop and in the window, there they were.  As if they actually called my name and each one of the buckles that went up the side of the boot sang out.

Designed as a men’s boot I was not distracted, it gave me further purpose to acquire these beauties as I would simply double up my socks.  I wore these boots with pride, even with their weight I would walk endless hours in them.

As time went by and I evolved I always found room for my New Rock boots.  They were my most cherished asset.  Days I would wear them styling hair and at night I would clean them up.

It was about the time I had my first child my boots would always be close yet tucked away as life had taken me to a different style direction.  Yet for years they would stand in my closet as reminders and markers of times that had gone by.

Recently my New Rocks have found new life and new purpose through my daughter.  As my style is now more Rockabilly, Pin-up and she has developed her own sense of style the offering of my prized boots to her fashion collection was like offering gold.

I love to see these boots on her, I watch her doubling her socks and the time it takes to lace and buckle these beasts of beauty to her feet and they wear proud.  My New Rocks have become timeless, as they are very unique and exceptionally made.  The proof being they have been adorned by 2 generations.

New Rocks

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