Back to where it all started..

It is funny how life has a way of taking you on a journey and within that journey takes you in a complete full and beautiful circle.

That is where I feel I am at in this moment at the beginning where it all started, with the horses. I am back to my heart filled words and my equine friends that show me the way.

I am my most genuine self here, no make up, hair spray, in my boots with my poo fork in hand.

I have changed again. My shift was for my love and there was no other way for me to continue this on-line odyssey than be my authentic self, leave the image to the side for now and connect with what my true message has always been.

I feel it’s time the world gets a different perspective from me. I feel my words have more value being shared about the horses than I could have ever have hoped speaking about clothing and reviews.

My shift has gone away from the exterior and back with in my interior the heart is where I will find the words I will share here.

Love, may we all have the chance to experience it, live it, learn it and most of all be in all of it with ones self before any occasion I mentioned before.  I have the greatest fortune to know I am surrounded by love, loved deeply and am in love.

My stories from the horses are all deeply rooted in love and an intense promise made I believe in another life time to stand in my truth and see their needs are met first.

I feel in my many recreations, my trials and triumphs all have been integral for me to truly understand the unique equine gifts I have and have been given responsibility to care for in this life.

There has never been an instance that I can remember when the horses were not the best way for my family.  This is why I know for certain there is great help here for other families.  I live in my truth and it is time to share.

From now on I shall blog, write and recant my stories of the farm.

Welcome to Terabithia and life on the farm.  It is time to meet the horses and her many inhabitants.



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