Boss Mare Betty and the horses of Terabithia.. xx

The complexities and perceptions of an opposite looking relationship are sometimes where we in fact find balance. Depending on what side of the relationship your looking at you may or may not get the whole picture.

Such as the relationship between a bee and a flower, in order for one to succeed in life it is dependent on the help of the other, Symbiosis, the bee a flying creature that has the ability to sting if needed and the beautiful flower that welcomes us with it’s beautiful colours and smells.

If it were not for all that I have learned from Spirit horse I might not have ever fully come into being the Boss Mare a complex yet simple character that can look like a contradiction yet felt right.

The description of a Boss Mare is best explained through this, with in a herd of horses there are two very present dynamics, the stallion that protects the herd and helps to bring new life to the herd through breeding and the Boss Mare.  The Boss Mare is the true leader of the herd as she is the decision maker, the planner and the caretaker of the herd.  It is she whom finds good feeding, alerts the herd to move simply through her body language.  She does not promote her position in order to lead, she is known and respected to be fair by the herd and so they listen to her.

I am the Boss Mare of my herd and my journey was to own it.  I have never really been able to define myself as any one thing, like the wind I am strong in my ideas yet can transpire and change as I feel I need.  I have travelled many roads in my life taking me here and there yet a constant for me was my guiding intuition.

If you have read any of my journal entries about The Spirit horse or the horses of Terabithia you will know I don’t view them like most, they have always been the strong presence that grounds and connects me to a greater perception of life, nature and all that is truly important to us as humans walking with mother earth.  It has taken me sometime to get the confidence that what I see, believe and know to be the truth is in fact that and by sharing I meet others that are of like mind.

As I live on a farm 90% of my time you will find me very un-fashionable, hair in a pony tail, no make up, rubber boots.  I am me in my truest form.  I have the luxury to be highly connected to my surroundings; we do not socialize with a lot of people. We walk the walk we talk.  Our animals come first and we are not like others in our area.

We support creativity and individuality, we want dreams to come true and live authentically for our spirits to soar.  A bit disconnected from society I feel at times has been the best decision and choice we have made for our family.

Being on my Page you may have seen me in a particular way and the beauty of society and our way is that we are attracted to the pretty stuff.  I have always felt I could merge the messages I have learned through my life as the Boss Mare to spread a message to further reaches than I could have ever imagined through her help, her image.

I hope you come around and read what we are up too; you never know what might interest you. Or you may stay for the Rockabilly, Product Review and Pin-Up.. xx

Spirit horse and Tommy

Welcome to the farm, come meet the horses of Terabithia

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