Too Fast Bride Siouxsie Wallet..xx

A great quote by Anne Frank “No one has ever become poor from giving.” Was probably not meant in the way of a physical gift yet how rich you feel when you’re doing something for someone that can not do the same in return.

I have a pretty amazing daughter and this was a little something special I could get for her and I knew her eyes were going to light up..!

Although I had a hard time deciding, there were choices to be had at Rowena’s (Edmonton, Alberta) on-line sister store

I decided on the Too Fast wallet, it was a great price point and was build with quality and design.

This wallet is made of vinyl, the mug shot image of both the Bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein wrap the wallet in tones of black and grey.  The “Kiss-Lock” feature and hardware of the wallet is in a matching chrome metal.

The interior of the “Kiss-Lock” section has a zipper and the other half of the wallet has a small mirror, 5 card slide/pockets and the length of the wallet pouch for your bills.  The size is aprox 10cm x 25cm.

The interior pattern of this wallet is a bold black and white stripe.  Very bold and eye catchy the theme and the pattern are a good pairing to make this wallet stand out and hold it’s own.  

This is a money holder you are excited to pull out of your purse or handbag to make purchases with and seemed to be the cat’s meow for its new owner.

Too Fast Wallet



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