Welcome to the Farm.. xx


On a farm in the North Eastern corner of British Columbia Canada is a small horse farm nestled between large working agricultural farms.  This little horse farm affectionately known as Terabithia stands on her own unlike any farm that surrounds her.

There are other horses in the area yet not many of these equines are seen or cared for as the horses are here on Terabithia.  We are living our dream come true here; this farm is built on love and admiration.

Moving to the property was a dream we had for our family; we wanted the lifestyle for our family to live in the country where the horses could live with us.  We wanted this so much so we moved across a Province to make it happen.

At first we had to prepare the land and work the property, much needed fencing was required and a lot of learning on our behalves as we had not had so much land to contend with before.  Through trial and error and a lot of trust given to the horses we learned what would work.

In time structures were made, moved, and repurposed.  Areas on the farm were developed and some have stayed the same as the window of opportunity is only for a few months as the greater part of the year we are under snow.

We went from being like fish out of water to polar bears in the Arctic; we have a better grasp of nature now. Many hours of hard labour focused to make the place priority one safe and then comfortable for the horses and then other smaller animals.

The greatest offering of love on the farm is the barn herself, Terabithia.  As her original intended purpose was to be an automotive shop she was soon re-purposed into a beautiful barn to shelter the horses from natures finest. Terabithia provides shade from the hot sun of the summer and protection from the harsh wind in the winter.  We all find comfort with in her walls; even nature has come on their own to enjoy her such as the Chickadees and Woodpecker.

We have four horses in our herd.  All four are geldings, (males that can no longer reproduce). Each horse has their order and a very strong purpose.  As there is no time or pressure to perform for humans here, we have watched the horses evolve and shape who they want to be as well.

The property itself is small in comparison to neighbouring properties yet we manage the space in a way to make the most of what we have.  Approximately 5 acres of turn-out space is available to the horses, which we have divided into 2 fields.  Each horse has a preferred buddy and we accommodate all the horses needs from nutrition, turn out, to mental state of being and well being.

Spirit in the front field

Horses naturally live by a hierarchy with in the herd dynamic.  Although this herd is segregated in their own paddocks at times through out the year the order is still recognized and maintained by both the horse and humans.

The herd leader is Spirit, his stall/paddock is closest to the house and he receives first treatment at all times.  Whether we are going out to feed, turn out or be social we always start with Spirit as he is the top and once his needs are met we can continue along with out disruption as Spirit’s needs are satisfied we can go on our way.

Next of the big boys or the horses as we say is Shurman.  He does not assert his position to us rather we have watched him come out of himself and hold his ground with the arrival of Tommy in the Spring.  He is Spirit’s right hand man and buddy and does a bit of the work for Spirit in regards to the other horses.

Spirit, Shurman and Tommy

The smallest yet not the meekest of the herd is Buckwheat a miniature horse, and his buddy is the baby of the herd Tommy.

I intend on sharing more in further blog posts on each horse so as I write them I will include a link under each description so you can read more.

All that I know I have learned and experienced on the farm has been organic.  I do not read, I have not attended clinics, when it comes to the horses this is a relationship that has been built on intuition and recognition of the horses needs.

As humans we have needs that I feel we have lost touch of and because of this some of us suffer a great deal.  With the animals they live in a different state of being than we do and if we are present and ask for their help great healing and opportunity through insight is available to us from the animals and nature.

It has been my intention to open Terabithia so others can come and create and reconnect through Breathing with Horses and one day I hope to see this realized.



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