Iron Fist – Fuggs..xx

My winters go to has returned and I am kicking it in the streets in style and warmth.  The ever popular Fugg boots have seemed to find their fashion mainstay on the market.  Every season I have picked up a new design to stomp around in, as I live in a climate that buries me under snow and an average of -20 temperatures.


Over the years I have purchased the green zombie stompers, the red bow accented wolf beaters and this year the Misfits design of Iron Fist Fugg boots that I purchased from Rowena’s in Edmonton Alberta.

old fuggs

A great boot that is easy to wear, with the comfort of a slipper and the super warmth of the plush pile inside the boot.  With flexible styling options you can wear your pant or legging inside the boot or pull something over top so just the toes of the boots are exposed. I like to pair them with my Pin-up dresses if a dress up night comes up for me.

I currently have my eyes set on a pair that are calf height as I am keen on the extra warmth it will provide my legs.  I would recommend them to anyone that likes the addition of an unexpected accent in their wardrobe.

3 thoughts on “Iron Fist – Fuggs..xx

  1. I just bought my first pair of fuggs, and I really envy the fact you got the green ones. I have wanted them for ages, but I think they are retired now, unfortunately. I got the pink zombie ones today, but I like your tradition of buying a pair per year, I might do just that.

    1. Thank you for coming over..!
      Yes..! Purchasing once a year helps for sure.. I don’t have a huge spending budget so it has helped to slowly build. Xx
      I never knew the zombie print was retired. Hmmmnn. Xx

      1. I think it is, I can’t find it on their website or on eBay. 😦

        Are they warm? My uggs are so ugly but so warm and toasty! At least the fuggs are ugly in a cute way, or they are my kind of ugly, I guess. hehe

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