BmB loves Retro Mom Services..xx

Tis’ the season of shopping and I say shop small business or local retailers..!


There are so many shopping opportunities outside of big retail and box stores.  Many unique services, re-purposed and one of a kind hand crafted products, things to wear, things to eat, things to look at, the list is plenty.

A purchased item becomes like a proverbial skipping rock when shopping from a small business.  The rings in the water are the effects that this purchase has on everyone.
It’s not just a purchase; this is an acknowledgement to these people, to their crafts.

I also like to think of how the actual product is conceived.  When an owner/operator has built their product or service from a dream this offering is now dipped in passion and you forever know that you will be receiving a reputable product or service that was built from a clean conscious and a lighter carbon footprint.

The foundation of your product/service was built on pride, love and passion.

It is my pleasure to introduce to you…Retro Mom Services

Retro Mom Services
A cleaning company, plus!


Do you come home at night wishing you had a wife to cook and clean for you, but would leave, after that? She would lavish you with a nice garden, squeaky clean windows, and a throne worth sitting on? Well look no further!
Retro Mom Services can do all that for you, and more! We do for you what your Mom would do for you, back in the ’50’s that is!

 General information

We pride ourselves on being distinct from the rest! We go beyond the average cleaning company. We do a heck of a job cleaning, and can cook, too! Menu planning, meal prep, grocery shopping, diet snack preparation… you just let us know what tickles your fancy! We can also help you with personal shopping, party planning, dog walking, house sitting… even laundry! Anything your Mom would do, we will do, without complaint!

Retro a

The Pursuit of Free Time… The Retro Mom Story

It was February 10, 2010. I found myself sitting alone. A single girl. In a medical clinic. Wringing my sweaty hands.The knot in my stomach was telling me what my head refused to believe, but what my heart had always longed to hear… I was about to become a Mom. Jaxon was born in September 2010 & Retro Mom followed soon after.

Becoming a sister in the “Motherhood” I now see and face the same challenge that most parents agonize over: how do I balance life and parenthood? Do I let the house go during the week to spend time with my beloved, ordering meals out and give up my weekend to chores? Or do I keep everything meticulous, make home cooked meals everyday and feel the guilt that I am neglecting the ones I love. 

 I knew I could provide a solution to this shared dilemma.

 Retro Mom Services is not an average cleaning company. It is unique in that you can pick and choose services to suit your household needs. Combined experience as a professional Chef (10+ years), 4 star resort housekeeper plus my keen “Mom smarts” could mean a clean house/home cooked meal/chores completed all in a few hours… The Holy Trifecta!

Or you can simply have your home cleaned. The choice is yours and the rate is the same for all service. Or you can simply have your home cleaned.

Services offered are broken down into 3 categories: Culinary, Domestic, Personal

Bullfrogs 027

Away from work, my mini family and I (Jaxon & our faithful canine companion Koda) stay pretty busy. When I am not whipping my own household into shape, I enjoy creating new recipes for healthy baked snacks for my son, spending time reading the latest news from Toddler Discipline 101 or simply passing out from sheer exhaustion on the couch. Together we like to spend time outside… mini festivals, local area parks, camping in summer. Anything to keep my house intact.

Tania Lafortune

retro b

Further ways to reach Retro Mom Services

Call; (778) 829-0530



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