BmB loves Moosewood Vintage Wearable’s & Sundries..xx

Tis’ the season of shopping and I say shop small business or local retailers..!


There are so many shopping opportunities outside of big retail and box stores.  Many unique services, re-purposed and one of a kind hand crafted products, things to wear, things to eat, things to look at, the list is plenty.

A purchased item becomes like a proverbial skipping rock when shopping from a small business.  The rings in the water are the effects that this purchase has on everyone.
It’s not just a purchase; this is an acknowledgement to these people, to their crafts.

I also like to think of how the actual product is conceived.  When an owner/operator has built their product or service from a dream this offering is now dipped in passion and you forever know that you will be receiving a reputable product or service that was built from a clean conscious and a lighter carbon footprint.

The foundation of your product/service was built on pride, love and passion.

It is my pleasure to introduce to you…. Moosewood Vintage Wearable’s & Sundries

Moosewood Vintage

My Vintage Shop

I got started in vintage one day while out garage sale-shopping when I came across a couple of beautiful vintage gowns … for a song!
Now I have boxes & boxes of vintage to go through, restore if necessary & sell.
Slowly but surely I am opening a local vintage shop, word is getting out in the area that this is the place locally for vintage clothing & accessories.

Moosewood a


Owner, Ruth E. Brown

I live in a small town on a 14.25 acre farm in North Western Pennsylvania where I raise dairy goats & enjoy my two horses, Ebonie & Stella. I learned to sew as a child when my Gram taught me. Now, many years later, I still have a passion for sewing & horses. I enjoy collecting vintage fashions to offer for sale.

Moosewood c
Further ways to reach Moosewood Vintage;

Phone; (814)384-4576




Moosewood b


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